Kirksville, Missouri Roadblocks

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Potter Ave & Old Highway 6 West

Kirksville, MissouriNov 01, 2003

This was part of a media blitz condemning the widespread presence of methamphetamines in the community. All media outlets conspired with every law enforcement agency including the local university’s police force to intimidate drivers for one day. The media blitz included threats from a state patrolman that warned that if you are breaking any law, they will find you through the use of the roadblocks. Have a great day, Comrades! Your papers seem to be in order, THIS TIME!

Hwy 6 West & Hwy 157 Lake Road

Kirksville, MissouriNov 01, 2003

Set up on the only entrance road to Thousand Hills State Park. It is set up several times during the summer months to harrass visitors to the state park. It is not that great of a park and the lake is patrolled by the local "Boatin’ Barney Fife". I suggest that the park and lake be boycotted as the State uses it as bait to catch the unsuspecting in any criminal activity they can find..

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