Ticonderoga, New York Roadblocks

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New York Route 9N/22 north of Shore Airport Road

Ticonderoga, New YorkMay 01, 2003

This is on a long straightaway where you can’t evade it unless you are heading north. Southbound traffic has no chance. The State Police are from the Schroon Lake barracks and have absolutely no sense of humor and are probably some of the rudest individuals I have ever come across wearing badges.

Most cars roll through with no problem, but cars that are older, or battered up are the most heavily scrutinized. To an extent there is profiling going on. They will intimidate you and if you give them attitude back, you WILL get stopped and they will FIND something to give you a ticket for…

In my case it was a decal low on the back window. The ticket was thrown out of court, but that wasn’t the point. It was the inconvenience of being stopped and harrased on my way to work (which I was late of course). These roadblocks are probably doing more to discourage faith in law enforcement than any other thing. There really is an US versus THEM mentality with these people.

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