Greenville, North Carolina Roadblocks

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Greenville boulevard

Greenville, North CarolinaJun 23, 2023

Traffic stopping

Patulolus rd.

Greenville, North CarolinaFeb 10, 2014

When will it be a road block and what time

East 1st Street road/ Cross street is South Meade Street

Greenville, North CarolinaAug 27, 2013

Road block in on East 1st Street road. The cross street is South Meade Street is the exact location. Stopping everyone both ways.

Adams Drive

Greenville, North CarolinaJul 08, 2012

License check by Eastern library in front of the apartments…it will be in the curve…

County Home Road

Greenville, North CarolinaJan 30, 2012

License check… no license? It’s over for you?

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