Jackson, Pennsylvania Roadblocks

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Rt 19 at the intersection of Rt 528 (Lindsey Rd)

Jackson, PennsylvaniaJan 01, 2004

This is a late night check point. If you are coming south from Zelienople, turn left on old Rt 19 right out of Zelie. Go past Armstrong Cable and when on the beginning of the hill going down, you can see the lights and flares. Continue to rt 19 near the bowling alley, and go right across Rt 19 up Goodeknust Rd. Continue south, any left will bring you out to Rt 19 again or continue thru the Cranberry golf course to Glen Eden Rd.

If you are traveling out of Zelie on Rt 68 west, this is bad late at night. Always turn left up Munz Rd at the Zelie lanes. At the cross road at the top of the hill, you have a choice of straight thru, down Willoughby to Glen Eden and Rt 989, or left on Zeigler Rd to Glen Eden.

It is also very bad to travel on Rt 288 past Hereford Manor Lake late at night. You will definitely be stopped. Best to go up Fanker Rd to Hereford Manor, then turn right and a quick left at the old furnace sign. Continue along thru Fombel up Fombel Road which will bring you out again on Rt 288 near Lilyville.

Never blink your lights at a vehicle with his high beams on. This is a police ploy to pull you over. If they flash their lights at you, never respond back.

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