Alpharetta, Georgia Roadblocks

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Route 400 Exit 8 Northbound

Alpharetta, GeorgiaJul 08, 2016

on exit ramp

Old Milton Parkway Near Brookside

Alpharetta, GeorgiaMar 14, 2014

Police sobriety checkpoint set up on Friday, 3/14/2014. Assume this is to catch people celebrating Saint Patty’s day early.

Exit 11 Windward Parkway

Alpharetta, GeorgiaJun 23, 2012

Huge line of cars waiting to get off at exit 11… I decided to go past and saw the flood lights and mobile command station. Police cars everywhere…

Windward parkway and Westside

Alpharetta, GeorgiaNov 18, 2011

Huge operation, mobile command station, bright lights cones and cops everywhere. Looks like a scene from a movie. Screwing traffic up, way overkill.

Hwy 9 going south from Windward Parkway

Alpharetta, GeorgiaSep 30, 2011

As many as 6 vehicles are watching for drivers exiting from the parking lot from the restaurants on that corner. The are usually there on Thursday and Friday evenings from about 9:00 PM and later. You get pulled over and asked to blow. Most likely you will be taken to jail regardless of the results, charged with “DUI/Unsafe” and asked to post a $2500.00 bond. You are also told that you must appear in court with an Attorney. This is a real money maker for that city. If you go out for dinner and a glass of wine, don’t do it in Alpharetta, GA

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