Palatine, Illinois Roadblocks

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Eastbound Northwest Highway just North of Palatine Road

Palatine, IllinoisMay 30, 2018

Unmarked Blue Ford Sedan parked in Mother Cluckers Chicken parking Lot facing towards Northwest Highway. Officer radios to a marked Palatine PD Ford Explorer parked on the side of Mother Cluckers as well as to Officers staged in the street in front of as well as in the parking lot of Walgreens located at the corner of Northwest Highway and Palatine Road. Staged as “Seatbelt Enforecement Area”.

Baldwin and Dundee

Palatine, IllinoisDec 22, 2012

Ones again roadblock around low income hispanic apartment complexes ,
or as police calls it , “seatbelt enforcement roadblock”

Rand road (route 12) between Hicks & Lake-Cook

Palatine, IllinoisJul 22, 2012

Sunday July 22, 9:30pm multiple police cars

Harper College

Palatine, IllinoisAug 19, 2011

West bound Algonquin traffic is being diverted at Harper College by the police.

We hear that this is a monthly event.

Baldwin Ct. just north of Dundee Rd

Palatine, IllinoisDec 01, 2008

Isn’t liberty wonderful? Smells like tyranny to me. First time I have ever seen "seatbelt checks." Not a through street, but is an entrance to many lower income apt. complexes. No doubt that they are not checking for seatbelts.

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