Skokie, Illinois Roadblocks

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Old Orchard and Lawler Avenue

Skokie, IllinoisJun 11, 2016

DUI Roadblock… Request Insurance and Driver’s license, ask if the driver was drinking or taking drugs.

Dempster at Skokie Blvd.

Skokie, IllinoisJul 11, 2011

Southbound on Skokie blvd. About 50 yards south of Dempster on July 3rd 2011 at 11pm there were a lot of little orange cones. We avoided it. Just saw it. Good luck!

McCormick Blvd. between Main and Dempster

Skokie, IllinoisDec 01, 2010

Encountered northbound on McCormick Blvd. about 12:30 AM on Wednesday, 12/21/10. Was stopped going back on McCormick Blvd. southbound about an hour later. Very unsettling; the Skokie police has about 10 vehicles present blocking the street. This roadblock was hard to avoid b/c McCormick Blvd. has few cross streets to turn on in this area. To circumvent this, you must turn off ASAP when you see a cluster of police lights & spotlights. If you wait until the 1st major road before, they has cruisers present presumably to harass those going west away from the checkpoint. I am unsure of the frequency of this roadblock.

Dempster St

Skokie, IllinoisMar 01, 2010

Set up next to Skokie Swift station.

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