Hwy 31 at the Hwy 305 Junction

Floyd, ArkansasAug 01, 2006

There is a small convenience store located on the corner there with a medium sized parking lot, there are ussually between 5-8 police curisers and ussually at least one K-9 unit on scene. Also noted at least one EMT unit standing by at the carwash across the street for some reason.

They have the road blocked from three directions, the main road and onto the junction, every car is stopped and at least two offciers attend each car, one at the wondow, the other shining lights into your back windows etc. I was asked to pull into the parking lot becasue I wouldnt open my window past a crack to give my paperwork. after that I spent 20 minutes or so as they tried to trick me into searching my car. thankfully I know my rights and was able to avoid the search, I was ticketed however for not wearing a seatbelt…something that wasnt even mentioned until they realized that they werent going to get to search the car.

Force made up of Highway patrol, White county sherrif and sometimes state troopers. Meth is a big problem in our area, so they are keen to get into your car to search for it…

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