Hwy 68/80 at west end Kentucky Lake Bridge

Aurora, KentuckyJan 07, 2012

Tonight at 9:20 p.m.; uniformed Kentucky State Police; 4 police cars; approx 4-6 police standing on the yellow line, stopping vehicles traveling in both directions;
Blue flashing lights on one police car only.
Roadblock was on a narrow causeway/bridge approach; with narrow road shoulders;
I was asked:
1. :”Where you headed tonight sir?” I said “home”.
2. Can I see your drivers license? I showed it to him.
I asked the state policeman: ” Why are you setup here tonight?”
He said: ” It’s a safety check”. I said Oh, OK. And he wished me on my way.
This is the first time I’ve seen a roadblock at this location.
It’s possible they’ve set it up previously.
At this location it’s not possible to avoid the roadblock if you are headed west across Kentucky Lake, over the bridge.
If headed east, at normal speed, you will likely not be able to avoid it also, as it’s below the crest of a hill as you head east towards the Kentucky Lake bridge. Once you commit to cross the bridge heading East, you would not be able to turn around in time without attracting the attention of the police.
Good luck.

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