intersection of Frazier Road and Pangborn Road

Decatur, GeorgiaMay 07, 2013

Police block was set up on Frazier, in both directions, just before the intersection with Pangborn, Police vehicles were setup at both ends, about 100 feet before the check point. You don’t see the check point until you have passed the police vehicles and are sitting in the queue. On the Pangborn turnoff, there was another police vehicle and a flatbed. The flatbed was loading up a commercial pickup at the time. This was about 2 PM.

Upon approaching the checkpoint, I thought they were looking for a fugitive. The officer asked for the driver’s license. I could see the officer on the other side of the intersection also giving a cursory glance at the tag. After the officer returned the license, I asked what was up. The officer side “license check”.

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