Marshallton-Thorndale Rd. near Poorhouse Rd.

Downingtown, PennsylvaniaNov 20, 2011

DUI checkpoint was set up in front of Victoria Crossing neighborhood on Marshallton-Thorndale on a Friday night, approximately 12:30am. They set up a sign where Marshallton intersects at Poorhouse Rd. Very quiet neighborhood, first time seeing this after living here 15 years.

I turned right at the intersection, as I was headed in another direction, and drove past West Bradford Elementary School, which was less than 1 mile away. Here, a cop was also sitting in the driveway to the school and shined a flashlight at my car as I drove past. Downingtown has been turning into a police state when it comes to driving so watch out. There is no crime in Downingtown, so they’re coming after your cars.

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