Atlanta, Georgia Roadblocks

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166 delowe exit right by the bridge..

Atlanta, GeorgiaSep 16, 2013

apd and east point checking licenses and tags.

Northside Drive at Deering Rd.

Atlanta, GeorgiaSep 12, 2013

Monday night around midnight. About four police cars. I was asked for my licence because they were doing a “safety check.” Police officer checked my license tag also.

Habersham Road and Valley Road

Atlanta, GeorgiaJun 29, 2013

Evenings June 26 – 30

Briarlake Road near North Lake

Atlanta, GeorgiaMay 21, 2013

“Cops” checking driver’s licenses and plates. Were not looking for anything in particular. Probably just another way to generate income. This was around noon on 5/21/2013. BTW, I’m not a big fan of this type of unconstitutional detainment.

Pharr Rd Piedmont

Atlanta, GeorgiaMay 18, 2013

Emergency vehicles. no cars going through

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